Website Solutions For All Devices

Mobile and tablet traffic accounts for more than 50% of your website visitors. Not only that, the search engines reward mobile friendly websites with better ranking.

It is our experience that when a website is not up to par with the types of traffic we see today, it can severely limit traffic, return visitors and conversion rates.

A responsive design ensures that your website displays correctly across all devices. This provides a fluid user experience that not only facilitates sales, but also ensures that each visitor will trust your brand. When Nilzon Designs creates your website we make sure you can depend on it to function reliably for a first-class user experience.

More Traffic, More Business

A surprising number of businesses have not adapted to responsive web design. They suffer without knowing it.

Given that mobile traffic is literally taking over the web, it is simply a wise idea to invest in responsive design. An organization can lose significant traffic by having an unresponsive website. Your website may look good to you in your office, but users can have a vastly different experience across devices, making your business look unprofessional. The result is usually that visitors take their business elsewhere.

When you hire Nilzon Designs, we make sure this doesn’t happen to you. We will ensure that:

  • Your website content will load as fast as possible. No unnecessary bottlenecks on mobile devices.
  • Information will be displayed in the correct hierarchy, allowing users to quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Images will scale as they should. No tedious resizing that looks weird and unprofessional.
  • The integrity of menus and other lists are maintained at all times.
  • Ecommerce functions are enhanced through increased usability.
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